Metallic vs Shimmer Eyeshadow

Do you prefer metallic or shimmer eyeshadows? This question has perplexed many makeup lovers for years, and the answer seems to be that it depends on your personal preference. Metallic eyeshadows tend to be more pigmented, while shimmer eyeshadows offer a more subtle and elegant look. So which one is right for you? Let’s take a closer look and see which type of eyeshadow is ideal for you! 

Metallic vs Shimmer Eyeshadow

When it comes to metallic vs shimmer eyeshadow, basically metallic eyeshadow is more intense in color and more pigmented. Metallic eyeshadows are great for people who want an intense look for their makeup, as the pigment is very strong. They can also be difficult to apply, but once applied they will stay put throughout the day. 

On the other hand, Shimmer eyeshadow tends to be more subtle with a glittery sheen. They can give great sheer coverage without leaving creases or fine lines on your face. Shimmery eyeshadow offers a softer appearance and is perfect if you want something more subtly elegant in your eye look.

metallic eyeshadow is more matte and less shimmery and shimmer eyeshadow is more glittery.

Types of Eyeshadow:

The eyeshadow color not only changes the appearance of your eyes but also makes you look younger and more vibrant. There are different types of eyeshadows that are available in the market.

Some eyeshadows are powder, some are pressed, some are liquid and some are cream eyeshadow.

Powder eyeshadows: these shadows come in the form of small particles that give a matte finish to the skin. they can be used as eyeliner or eyeshadow base.

Pressed shadow: these shadows come in pressed pan form and need to be shaken before use for better adhesion. they offer long lasting color payoff and may also have glitter or pearlescent properties.

Liquid eyeshadows: these shadows come in a variety of formulas like glitter, matte, shimmer, and satin. they offer great color payoff with long wear time. they can be used as eyeliner or eyeshadow base.

Cream shadow: this type of eyeshadow comes in a range of shades that resemble foundation but are lighter weight and have more coverage than the traditional foundations.

What is Shimmer Eyeshadow? 

The Shimmer eyeshadow contains small sparkle particles that reflect light and give a hint of sparkle. These eyeshadows usually make for an almost bare look as it covers up your fine lines with their sheer coverage of color, making it a suitable option for fair or sensitive complexions when used sparingly.

What is a Metallic Eyeshadow?

Metallic eyeshadows are a popular makeup trend that can add extra sparkle and shine to any eye look.

The use of metallic crease has increased over years and it is becoming popular among young women these days as well.

To give a more foiled appearance, metallic finishes appear to have underlying gold or silver shimmer. They appear lustrous and metallic, much like gold, silver, foil, copper, and bronze. For ebony or darker complexion, this works well. 

Matte, Metallic, or Shimmer?

Among eye shadows, Matte formulas are a safe choice when it comes to reshaping and redefining older eyes that have become more rounded. Even the most pigmented color is without any glitter or sheen, and does not attract attention to fine lines on and around the eyes. Matte shadows are good for making your eyes look brighter naturally too. They are especially beneficial for mature skin because they blend in without highlighting any little lines on your lids. 

Metallic eyeshadows use a metallic pigment that gives an intense finish. Shimmer eyeshadows have tiny shimmers which give off sparkly look. Lastly, matte eyeshadows lack any shimmer or shine which makes them perfect for everyday wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between shimmer eyeshadow and glitter eyeshadow?

A: Shimmer eyeshadows are made of tiny shimmers which give off a sparkly look. Glitter eyeshadows, on the other hand, use bigger glitters that can be more visible and irritating.  

Q: Can I use metallic eyeshadow as a highlighter?

A: Some people do, but it’s not the best idea. Metallic eyeshadows can be difficult to blend and will look artificial on your skin. If you’re looking for a highlighter option, stick with shimmery shades that are easy to apply.

Q: Do I need a separate eyeshadow palette for shimmer?

A: No, you don’t have to purchase a separate palette just for shimmery shadows. You can mix and match any shades until you find the ones that work best for your skin tone. 

Q: Which brand(s) make the best shimmer eyeshadow formulas?

There are a lot of great shimmer eyeshadow formulas from different brands, so it really depends on your preference. Some brands that make good shimmer eyeshadows include Urban Decay, Chanel, and Kat Von D.

Q: How to reshape and define eyes with metallic eyeshadow?

A: There are various ways in which you can reshape and define your eyes with a metallic eyeshadow. The most popular way is to use the shadow in a crease to create depth and add shimmer.

You can also dust the shadow on top of the lid for a subtle shimmery finish or apply it directly onto the eyelid using your fingers for more dramatic results. Whatever technique you choose, keep in mind that glitter shadows are best applied with a brush as they will fall off if applied too heavily with your hands.

Q: How sheer coverage can shimmer eyeshadow offer?

A: Most shimmer eyeshadows offer sheer coverage, meaning that they provide minimal coverage to the skin. They are perfect for adding a touch of sparkle and shine to your eye makeup look without going overboard.

Q: What is the difference in pigment between matte and shimmer eyeshadows?

A: Matte eyeshadows have more densely pigmented shadows that can offer a longer wear time than shimmer eyeshadows. They are also less glittery and provide a matte finish on the eyelid.

Q: How does metallic shimmer eyeshadow look on mature skin?

A: The look of softer eyes look that can be achieved with metallic and shimmery eye makeup is usually very bright, shiny & glittering or glam. This look however turns out to be too much for mature skin due to the way it flashes in a bad angle on facial features which is why instead this look was developed by using softer colour combinations.


So, in the metallic vs shimmer eyeshadow debate, the verdict is clear – shimmer eyeshadows are made of tiny shimmers that give off a sparkly look. Metalic eyeshadows, on the other hand, are made of larger pieces of metal that give the eyeshadow a more matte look. Both types of eyeshadows can be used to create any look you want, but shimmer eyeshadows are perfect for more subtle and natural looks, while metallic eyeshadows can add a bit of glamour.

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